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Training and Presentations

Link! SRS training can be provided to parents, guardians, other members of their support networks, school teams, home share providers, staff and managers. Our topics are customized to meet the needs of the whole team.

Training is offered in the form of a presentation (2-4 hours in length) or direct hands on training to help navigate specific situations.

Topics include:

  • Demystifying Sexuality – We discuss the importance of sexuality, how culture, values and belief influence the messaging around sexuality and how we can support healthy conversations.
  • Spotlight Conversations – We navigate challenging conversations and situations and teach strategies to create a safe space and minimize risk.
  • Customized training for staff and support networks.
  • Lunch and Learn trainings on Sexual Health topics.
  • Link! SRS in schools – We help create adapted lesson plans, teach directly to students, or train the teachers and educational assistants on supporting healthy conversations.

Link! SRS offers customizable pricing packages based on the number of hours, topics being covered and the stream of service modality (in-person or online).

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