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Receiving comprehensive sexual health education that is sufficiently adapted to meet the needs of diverse learners is difficult to come across. Link! SRS has Certified Sexual Health Educators who have years of experience supporting individuals with various needs. Misinformation and lack of accessible information can lead to situations that make a person particularly vulnerable to a variety of risks. Link! SRS provides education to learners to give them the knowledge and resources to keep themselves and others safe.

When offering direct services, we rely on evidence-based sexual health assessments at the start and end of services. This acts as a benchmark to identify gaps in knowledge and areas that have shown improvement. Each session includes a pre and post questionnaire to assess learning on the particular topic. Rapport building is important to us; before starting sessions, we build rapport with the individuals. At the end of services, a discharge report will be provided with recommendations on how to continue supporting the learner.

Link! SRS offers 1:1 and group sessions to children and youth (ages 5-18). Each session is between 1-1.5 hours in length. The Link! SRS curriculum offers a wide range of customizable topics. The first two topics are mandatory followed by elective topics which are decided by the individual and their support circle.

Mandatory Topics:

  • Consent and the Law
  • The Basics (Understanding Public and Private)

Elective Topics:

  • Gender and Identity
  • Getting to Know Your Body (Body Science for K-3)
  • Healthy Relationship and Decision Making
  • Online Safety and Pornography
  • Puberty
  • Safer Sex (Condom Use and STIs)
  • Types of Touch and Trusted People
  • Understanding Pregnancy and Pregnancy Options

Locations Served:

We provide in-person and online support to individuals in the Lower Mainland and in the Central Island. Online support is available to anyone in Canada.

We offer customizable pricing packages based on the number of hours, topics being covered and the stream of service modality (in-person or online).

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